• Bioshield P 5 Litres

BioShield P can be used as both a fog and a spray for the final stage of disinfection. Due to it’s broad spectrum biocidal activity and strong efficacy,

BioShield P has shown superior efficacy compared to similar products in both lab and farm trials. Has a good fogging action, allowing return into well ventilated building within three hours.

  • Formaldehyde free
  • High foaming properties • Potent prolonged effect
  • Effective in the presence of organic matter
  • Effective against bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi
  • Effective disinfection of all classes of livestock housing
  • Superior fogging performance, 3 hour minimum re-entry
  • BioShield P Use as a Final Spray or Fog
  • DEFRA Approved (Poultry & General Orders)
  • High Efficacy & Low Cost

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Bioshield P 5 Litres

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